© Mankyboddle


How good to know 
That your desire is for me
Feeding back & back from me
To you, from you to me
Seize the magic moments glow
Like snapshots of the galaxies
Which seem to move so slow
Through their eternity

I praise the honest joy
Of your reprisals
The fertile wetlands
For my loves arrival
The pools and rivers
Of the high tides late subsiding
Through you I praise woman and
Through woman I praise you

I've been through forests
Blackened by my loves contempt
Obscene with antidote
I walk the lesser road to end
The haste of power
And the simple carnal dreams of man
Entangled in the labyrinth
Of womans practical demands

No use to live
To realize reality
Just like the waste of time
To mystify the mysteries
And explanations are
Your whistling in the dark
Which echoes from
Voracious deep horizons

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