© Mankyboddle


Streetfight Serenade

To the noise of Streetfights
I caress your body's best
We wrestle in the darkness
For the last plank of the wreck
Wrestle on you and I can both win

You can see a land rise
The beaches strewn with skulls and bones
We sink into embraces
As sirens scream through dusty roads
In our clasp we won't hear the waste-song

Do you feel at home here
Is this madhouse your refuge?
Our do you feel a stranger
Turning strange in your own world?
We're in the trap in our head's the way out

© Photo: Mankyboddle

Performed, composed, arranged, programmed and produced by Frank Mankyboddle --- Additional engineering by KimWebster at the Cheese Factory, Adelaide--- Fretless bass /harmonics: Porl Shaiman --- Reversed bass samples: Spiro Ellul--- Trumpet: Colin Doley --- Trombone: Wayne Freer --- French Horn: Steve Z


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