© Mankyboddle

(Fou de Toi) 

All the sights I see
Blind with pain
Could never haunt me
Any  more
Any  more
Than the love 
you took away from me
I weighed your words as grains of gold
Gave my heart into your hands
Now a fool is growing old
On love that's grown dispair


All my days are free
Of the smiles
With which you loved me
'Til the night
Fills all my memories
I held the sway on your delight
While my songs of joy prevailed
But when I sang in sorrows voices
Love was lost to care

for S.R.

Photo: © Kerstin Mlynkitz

Performed, composed, arranged, programmed and produced by Frank  Mankyboddle --- 
Additional engineering Kim Webster at the Cheese Factory, Adelaide

designed by boddleshop