© Mankyboddle

S  i  n
for U.A.F.

This love has failed
And all reason escaped
From my desire
I buried the beat
Of my heart
Not deep enough for tell-tales

Mocking the years
Lost to my tears

Barren are my smiles now
Facing the smiles
Of compassion
Barren is every
New love in the
Wake of my possession

Courted by cheer
Aborted by fear

Abundance is bland
While lack drives a hunger
Of bile and bitter
Awaking my mind
But leaving all senses dazed
For, this love without pride was a sin
Sweet enough to hide the taste of poison


Performed, composed, arranged, programmed and produced by Frank Mankyboddle --- Organ: Fozzo --- Organ Solo: David McEvoy - - - Brushes:Meinolf Saggel --- Mixed at the Cheese Factory, Adelaide


designed by boddleshop