© Mankyboddle


It is Winter 
and the fashion has changed
to keep our audience
we play the money-clown game
we are the money-clown band

the trouble with money is
that we don't have it
and we'll wear anything
to get it
we are the money-clown band
when we dress up
in our Nikes [Reeboks, Adidas - insert cool,hip fashion item of the day] and ties
and look like bankers 
on the way to the circus

We are second hand dandies
and travel on perfect maps
always breaking new ground 
like the camels back
we are the money clown band

You can say anything you like
they know you're so primitive
you don't know what are the words
in the cartoon speech bubble
hypnotized by the glorified television, cash flow,
mega star, big shot asshole
picking in the pockets of a helpless cripple
picking on each other 
like rats on a sinking ship
thinking it's power
when you commit murder
comes from the barrel of a gun
said the chairman Mao
but the gun is run by the big business
government military madmen
And we?
Do the entertainment!

Our history is bought and sold
CNN got the rights
we blow our horn on the desert shield
and sing along for human rights
the truth is an endless depth
plenty there for us to sell
and we can almost feel our apathy
is the luxury of death

designed by boddleshop