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In Praise of a "Slut"

for M.W.

I can smell the sweat
of your nights activity.
Your prowess has got
the better of you.

Your desire is purer
than fidelity,
more enigmatic
than betrayal.
Your motives more urgent
than revenge.

Your byzantine shapes of temptation
are in the service of harvesting wild oats.

Your love is not in question
nor your fascination
for the varieties of hunger
and the gravity of lust.

I love you and that hunger.


[If you insist on a negative meaning to "slut", then I suggest this definition:
Slut = a person engaging in a lot of sexual activity they DO NOT ENJOY - as opposed to a person that DOES enjoy it.

In this sense a "slut" is similar to most prostitutes except that a "slut" does not take money for sex.]


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