© Mankyboddle

Expensive Skin
 I am tasting
expensive skin
shameless hunger
sweetest sin
it's the rich flesh
in your silk dress
that glows brightest
on parade in
fancy streets
vain and mean

all your flavours are
precise and clean
my taste as sharp
as you are lean.
on your lips lie
all the love lies
like a promise
to the circus
of avarice.

you like breaking
all taboos
every move.
there's no winning
but you're trying
to be perfect
contradicting your beliefs

god is great
and youth can't wait
for new fashions
of old hate.
is the creed
of all believers
and the fear
that all our deeds
might be free

Photo: Sonja Roczek

Performed, composed, arranged, programmed and produced by Frank Mankyboddle --- Additional engineering and production by KimWebster at the Cheese Factory, Adelaide --- Saxophone and saxophone solo: Peter Raidel --- Additional Saxophone: Martin Aujard --- Dumbek: Roderick Greig

designed by boddleshop

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