© Mankyboddle

The Doctors

The rain is falling
without our consent
we resign to the womb
of our shelters
as doctors force birth
cesaerean birth
from cumulus-clouds
with their scalpels

Waters run wild
in the terrible night
we take to the trees
in our panic
as doctors consider
to sever the arms
of rivers
which humble our spirit

Cities arise
in praise of our flesh
but the soul
still shivers in caverns
where doctors must forge
the truth into shape
with the armourers
diligent hammer

Hush! Hush!
the sky's waking up
the cries
are muted on paper
as doctors have gathered
to measure and compute
the silence
before the desaster

Performed, composed, arranged and produced by Frank Mankyboddle - - - Additional production: Kim Webster - - -Additional (crashing) drums: Roderick Greig - - -

Mixed at the Cheese Factory


designed by boddleshop