© Mankyboddle

Black Bile

You fight and defeat me
Take me in your arms
I'm on my back
Come over me
Fill me with your ink of rotting pride

Black Bile Oh how I love you
Black Bile I can't resist you
Black Bile your grip is hard on me

Morpheus is coming
To sing his lullaby
Oh lover come closer
And sow your seed
Breathe your sweet narcotic into me 
These days can't last forever
This night is almost gone
That hour I have overcome

The enemy is coming 
To put my bones to rest
His troopers are luring
To catch and tie me down
Taking me back to the well of all weariness

This night that lasts forever
These days forever come
Those hours come yet always gone


Performed, composed, arranged, programmed and produced by Frank Mankyboddle --- Additional engineering and production by KimWebster at the Cheese Factory, Adelaide --- Samples: "Lazy" from Deep Purple "Made in Japan"


designed by boddleshop